Instructions for the authors

The editorial board of the periodical „Analele Bucovinei” receives for publication mainly original works, such as: studies and scientific articles, documentaries (unpublished correspondence, memoirs etc.), reviews, chronicles and reports on domestic and international scientific life.

For every article a submission confirmation from the editorial board is needed. All materials will be sent to the editorial office in electronic format (text – Font style: Times New Roman, size 11, line spacing: single; footnotes – Font style: Times New Roman, size 9, line spacing: single, position: bottom of page; abstract and keywords: English, at the beginning of the text, Font style: Times New Roman, size 9, line spacing: single). Also every article should contain an abstract and keywords in one of the following languages: Romanian, English or German.

For a better dissemination of the results of scientific research on the issue of historical Bukovina, the number of pages should be limited to 25 for studies and documentaries, 15 for articles, 10 for chronicles and reports and 5 for book reviews.

Reproductions after photographs and facsimiles should have a high resolution and corresponding explanations. According to the publishing house’s rules, they will be printed in black and white, inside the text or at the end of it. All texts will comply with the current spelling and punctuation rules established by the Romanian Academy, as well as with the requirements of the scientific style and professional ethics.

The papers received form external collaborators are accepted after a previous favourable report from one of our reviewers. Also, all collaborators are asked to make their own scientific revision of the texts before sending them to the editorial office, mentioning this in the accompanying correspondence, and to attach, at the same time, a short CV in Romanian or English including, where appropriate, occupation, scientific title, activity/research field and most important published works, which is to be published in the section Notes on contributors. The editorial board of „The Annals of Bukovina” addresses to all those concerned with the history of Bukovina the request to inform us about new works (titles) on this topic, regardless of country and language of printing.  We will publish them on the fourth cover of our periodical, as they are useful to all interested readers.

Unpublished materials will not be returned. Being a strictly scientific publication, „The Annals of Bukovina” does not participate in political and other controversies, trying to stay on the line adopted since its first issue in 1994, but will nevertheless promote the emancipation of its historiographical discourse, i. e. the critical spirit in the prestigious tradition of the academic press and of the Romanian culture, with discernment, moderation and in a constructive way, aiming exclusively at promoting the patrimonial, national and European values of historical Bukovina.

The journal “The Annals of Bukovina” is indexed by CEEOL and BDI. Its DOI is 10.56308. In order for articles to be uploaded to other digital scientific platforms, contributors are asked to send us the ORCID code (this can be obtained by clicking on

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