About us

     The periodical „Annals of Bukovina” appears since 1994 under the aegis of the Romanian Academy Publishing House and is printed in Bucharest. In 17 x 24 cm format, the publication has a semiannual frequency and a variable number of pages. The first volume has 234 p.; since 2000 the periodical generally appears with more than 300 pages. Since 2009, the „Anals of Bukovina” are allocated an annual number of 700 pages, limiting each issue to 350 pages.

     The editorial college of the first issue includes: Radu Grigorovici, Ştefan Ştefănescu, Vladimir Trebici, Gheorghe Platon – members of the Romanian Academy, Liviu Ionesi – corresponding member of the Romanian Academy, Radu Economu, Marian Olaru; editor-in-chief: Dimitrie Vatamaniuc; editorial secretary: Vasile I. Schipor.

The leading article is signed by Acad. Gheorghe Platon and is called Argument. The periodical aims to be „a tool for achieving the new objectives of promoting and spreading national culture” and „to represent an authorized Romanian alternative in the long open dialogue on the history and culture of Bukovina”.

With changes in the editorial college and structural improvements, the „Annals of Bukovina” deals with the problems of historical Bukovina in all aspects: political life, cultural and artistic literary, history, demography, toponymy, onomastics, statistics, ethnography and folklore, natural sciences.

Through its encyclopedic character and research area, the „Annals of Bucovina” occupies a singular place both among the periodical publications of the Romanian Academy, as well as among the scientific publications which appear today in Bukovina and abroad.

„Analele Bucovinei” is an open-access journal. The licence permitted by it is CC BY. Licenţa Creative Commons. The journal does not embed/display licensing information in its articles. For the license indicated above, the authors retain the copyright and full publishing rights without restrictions. The journal uses peer review and routinely screens article submissions for plagiarism and it also uses persistent article identifiers (ISBN, ISSN). The journal does not charge fees for publishing an article.

„Analele Bucovinei” is currently archived with a long-term preservation service in the Romanian National Library and the Romanian Academy Publishing House.